Wedding Shower Candy

Jun 17, 13 Wedding Shower Candy

April Showers Bring… May Showers! Wedding showers, that is. Spring is wedding season across the country, which means you might find yourself hosting a wedding shower this season. Make your celebration unique by including candy!

Wedding Shower Candy Buffets

A candy buffet is the perfect addition to your wedding shower because it can serve as part of the dessert and part of the décor. There are plenty of candy colors to choose from (check out our color options). Now you just have to decide what colors you’ll be using! The classic wedding shower option is to match your wedding ceremony colors, but there are plenty of other options for color schemes as well. For the couple that loves sports, why not build the shower décor (and candy buffet) around their favorite team’s colors? A friend of mine recently threw a Lily Pulitzer themed wedding shower for herself (pink and green candy buffet, anyone?) Color options are truly endless!

Wedding Shower Games and Gifts

There are almost as many ideas for wedding shower games as there are for wedding shower gifts for game winners… so why not give a gift with candy? According to Nashville wedding planner Kelly Dellinger of Kelly Dellinger Events, “Knickknacks get trashed, but treats are almost always actually enjoyed!” We agree, Kelly! Mugs or mason jars filled with small candy in theme colors (like Jordan Almonds) are a classic and yummy gift option for game winners. Another great option for guests with dietary restrictions are Lucy’s Gluten Free Cookies, which come in a variety of flavors and can be included in the shower as a dessert option or as a gift to game winners.

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