Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Candy Recipies

Oct 11, 13 Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Candy Recipies

Here at Candy Galaxy we love Christmas… and Christmas Candy!  IT’s getting close to the time of year where we pull out our favorite Christmas candy recipes;  from chocolate and peanut butter to peppermint cookies, you should be able to find something everyone in your family can enjoy.   Don’t forget to leave some candy left overs for Santa…if there are any left overs.



1. Peppermint Brittle


Peppermint Brittle: The crème de la crème of Christmas candy. Makes for a great gift and a marvelous dessert!  I remember my parents always getting some Peppermint Brittle from their friends during the holidays!




2. Vanilla Fudge 


Cook up some vanilla fudge and enjoy some of the delicious richness that fudge has to offer.  Fudge is perfect or any and all types of Christmas celebrations!




3. Peanut Butter Truffles


I absolutely love peanut butter so I thought I should throw in a great peanut butter truffle recipe for you and your family to enjoy on Christmas!





4. Candy Cane Cookies


Ever wanted to eat a candy cane, but hate getting that gooey hard-candy gunk stuck in your molars?  These amazing candy cane cookies have the classic candy cane taste without that hard candy feel.





5. Chocolate and Caramel Dipped Pretzel Rods


Everyone loves pretzels, and every one loves chocolate so why don’t we mix them together and throw in some caramel and enjoy a delicious snack while we celebrate Christmas!




6. Ginger Snap Cookie Balls


This easy-to-make  recipe will ensure all of your guests leave your party just a bit more satisfied.  Enjoy the cookie balls as a dessert or as simply a small snack!





7. Salty Chocolate Pecan Candy


Enjoy some of that salty-but-sweet flavor with these fabulous salty chocolate pecan candies.  Get the rich taste of pecan with that sweet flavor of chocolate.




8. Ice Cream Treewiches


Make a classic ice cream sandwich with a Christmas theme.  Simple and delicious; two Christmas shaped cookies with some creamy vanilla ice cream between them…Yum!





9. Peppermint Patties

peppermintpattiesMuch like a York Peppermint Patty, these homemade peppermint patties will be the highlight of your next Christmas party.  Enjoy as a party favorite or as a sweet snack on Christmas day!





10. Snickerdoodles


Who doesn’t love the savory flavor of some super sweet snickerdoodle cookies.  I remember eating these as a kid and absolutely falling in love with them.





Jonathan Murrell is a candy expert living in Franklin TN.

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