Time To Celebrate – New Years Candy Buffet!

Dec 28, 13 Time To Celebrate – New Years Candy Buffet!


It’s time to break out the champagne and celebrate the coming of 2014.  Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or celebrating by watching the ball drop at home be sure to incorporate some candy into your New Years celebrations.


To celebrate the coming of the new year the candy buffet gurus here at candygalaxy.com decided it would be fun to create an amazing New Years 2014 candy buffet.  We decided to make the buffet as elegant and as classy as possible.  To do this we went with a sort of “black tie” party look using silver, black and white candy.  Some of these colored candies included, M&M’s, sixlets, gumballs, rock candy and yogurt pretzels.  All which make for a delicious midnight treat!new-years-candy-buffet

In an effort to really make this buffet stand out we designed it on top of a black grand piano, making for a perfect table to show off such an elegant display.  We bought some gorgeous “New Years” printables from TomKat Studio that we used throughout the buffet.  In some instances we used some elegant snowflake place card holders (that we had on hand) as a way to display the printables.


We filled some cool champagne flutes with some sparkling cider to show how to display the champagne on the big night.  The combination of some dark chocolate and some champagne on New Years seems so delightful.


All of the candy seen in this buffet candy be purchased online at candygalaxy.com.  Also some of the jars used in this buffet can be found in our online store!  It is Time To Celebrate with an incredible New Years Candy Buffet!

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Candy: Candygalaxy.com

Photography: Candybuffet101.com

Printables: TomKat Studio

Candy Galaxy’s Marketing Guru: Marshall McCamey
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