Christmas Party Candy Buffet Ideas

Dec 18, 12 Christmas Party Candy Buffet Ideas

Tis the season for sweets and candy!

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year – and one of the tastiest, too! With all of the celebrations, holiday parties, and events to attend, there’s a never-ending supply of ham, cookies, and other holiday sweets.

Here at Candy Galaxy, we’ve been busy working with red and green candy as well as other holiday favorites. Setting up a candy buffet is becoming a more popular trend for Christmas parties, and we just wanted to present you with a few visual ideas of how festive a Christmas candy buffet can be!

Of course, using red candy, green candy, and white candy at your Christmas party buffet is an easy way to make the atmosphere more joyous. Below are several photos from our holiday party to give you ideas for your next Christmas candy buffet. Feel free to use our photos as a guide and inspiration as you select candy and set up your Christmas candy buffet.

Notice how the red and green ribbon seamlessly flows between the various candy displays. Aside from adding visual flair, the ribbon also serves to unite the different pieces into a single, cohesive Christmas candy buffet. The candy canes on the table liven up the empty spaces as well as add a sense of festivity to the display.

By placing the candy in glass jars and containers with wide mouths, it makes it easy for your guests to enjoy the Christmas candy buffet. You’re guests will easily scoop up the candy they want, and you won’t have to worry about any broken containers. Easy to access displays also allow the candy to showcase themselves as the main attraction of your Christmas candy buffet.

Here, it’s apparent how the different textures of green candy and red candy add to the Christmas candy buffet. Rock candy sparkles with a sense of class and lights up the entire area around it. Though the rock candy itself is hard and dense, it somehow creates and airy feeling that lightens up the display. On the other hand, notice how the red and green malted milk balls add a sense of weight and gravity to the Christmas candy buffet. Mixed alongside the red candy, the white of peppermint saltwater taffy and jordan almonds creates a sense of freshness, as most peppermint flavors come in red and white.

 As long as you pick a variety of candies that everyone will enjoy and get creative in setting it up, your Christmas candy buffet will be a success! Thanks for checking out our pictures and blog! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Candy Galaxy!

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