Candy Buffet Volume Guide

May 23, 13 Candy Buffet Volume Guide

Have you ever had trouble figuring out exactly how much candy you need for your candy buffet? We get calls all the time from people just like you who can’t quite decide how much candy they need to fill their candy jars. We’ve put together this helpful little visual guide that will hopefully take some of the mystery and confusion out of candy buffet planning. Hope this helps and if you ever have questions about a candy buffet give us a call at 1.877.448.7255 we love talking about candy.
In the top image we have filled 5 containers with gumballs. In the second image we filled those 5 containers with foil wrapped sports chocolate balls.

The top number is the number of units in the jar the second number is the total weight and the last number is the price for all the candy in the jar.

Candy Buffet Volume Guide

candy buffet volume guide foil


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