Buffet on a Budget – $35 Candy Bar ‘En Blanc’

Jul 09, 13 Buffet on a Budget – $35 Candy Bar ‘En Blanc’

My friend in France recently attended the annual 2013 ‘Diner en Blanc’ or ‘White Dinner’ in Paris. The pictures are absolutely breathtaking, and looking at them inspired me to throw my own little version of a party in white.

For my sister’s 21st birthday this weekend I decided it was the perfect opportunity to throw a white party. I invited her friends and specified that everything would be white and everyone must wear white.  I recently started working at Candy Galaxy which gave me the idea to build a white candy buffet for her party. Candy Buffets always look so gorgeous and festive, but I knew I didn’t have much money to spend on a ton of candy. So my goal was to create a beautiful ‘en blanc’ candy buffet with $35 or less. I didn’t know if that was even plausible when I set the goal- but I am here to say to you, it is actually very do-able!


Here’s what I learned about candy buffets: it is worth spending some of your budget on, because a candy buffet triples as a party decoration, a party favor for your guests, and your party food!

Also, a candy buffet is really perfect for any event you want to have, not just big events like weddings and baby showers. Candy bars are great for smaller occasions like birthday parties and dinner parties. It’s because a candy bar can actually be done on a very small budget, but ends up making your event look gorgeous, classy and lavish without costing you much at all.
The total I spent on the candy in this buffet was $33.62!  I used jars and glasses and flowers that I found around the house so that I didn’t have to buy new glassware.  I only purchased a pound of most of the candy, but ended up getting 2 pounds of yogurt pretzels and the taffy.

Everyone had more than enough candy to eat and commented on how incredible the candy buffet looked, as well as tasted. The yogurt pretzels were a definitely a party favorite. And I never thought that designing a candy table could be such a blast!  The ‘en blanc’ candy buffet was huge hit, and for an amazing price! I will definitely be doing this again for the next party I plan.

All in all, everything was so fun and a huge success, and my sister had a wonderful, memorable 21st birthday.

Candy used in this buffet:

  1. White Malted Milk Balls
  2. Sweet’s Salt Water Vanilla Taffy
  3. White Gummy Bears
  4. White Sour Balls
  5. White Jordan Almonds
  6. Yogurt Pretzels

Candy Galaxy Staff Writer: Alyssa Hause
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